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"Word Riot publishes the forceful voices of up-and-coming writers and poets. We like edgy. We like challenging. We like unique voices.

Word Riot first opened shop in March 2002 as the literary section of a now defunct on-line music magazine, Communication Breakdown. Each month we provide readers with book reviews, author interviews, and, most importantly, writing from some of the best and brightest making waves on the literary scene."

Prose rejections


Thank you for sending your work to Word Riot. We've read it carefully. Unfortunately, we didn't feel it was quite right for us. If you have something else you think is right for our magazine, please feel free to try us again in the future.


kevin o'cuinn

Word Riot

Higher Tier

Travel Grant Application:

Thank you for sharing your work with us.

We were pleasantly surprised by the strength of the applications we received in the initial rounds of travel grants and the applications in 2014 have proved equally impressive.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to extend grants to each and every promising application.

We deeply regret that we are unable to fund your application.

We hope in the year ahead we will be able to fund all the worthy applications we receive and will intensify our fundraising efforts to make that possible.

Best, Jackie Corley Word Riot Inc.

Poetry rejections


Text of Standard Rejection

Higher Tier

Text of Higher Tier Rejection