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Fiction rejections


Dear author,

Many thanks for your submission in consideration for Westerly 63.2. Unfortunately, your writing has not been selected for publication in this issue.

Please do not take this as a reflection on your writing; selection for this issue was highly competitive due to a large volume of submissions. Ultimately, we wished to publish much more than we could. If you would like more insight into the selection process at Westerly, I invite you to take a look at this helpful piece written by our Associate editor, Dr Josephine Taylor.

We encourage you to continue submitting to Westerly in the future.

Kind regards, Catherine


Dear —,

Many thanks for your submission to Westerly.

Unfortunately, on this occasion your submission ’—' has not been selected for publication in our coming issue. It was, however, shortlisted for inclusion, and it was very seriously considered.

Please do not take this as a reflection on your writing. The selection process for this issue was incredibly competitive, as we received nearly 600 submissions. A lot of deserving authors missed out on publication. I am sorry I don’t have better news for you, and I appreciate you sending us work of such high quality.

Our second issue for this year will be a special focus issue, engaging with Asia and the Indian Ocean region. A call for papers will be released soon. We encourage you to look out for it, and to submit again for our 2018 issues. We would be very happy to see work from you continue to come in submission to any of these issues of the Magazine.

Kind regards, Catherine