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Fiction rejections



Dear —,

Thank you for submitting "—" to The Ilanot Review. Unfortunately, we feel that it is not a good fit for our "Home/Work" issue.

We appreciate your thinking of The Ilanot Review as a possible home for your work and wish you the best of luck in placing this piece elsewhere.

Sincerely, The Editors The Ilanot Review

Dear —

We're sorry to say that your story, —, was not selected for publication in our Fiction issue.

Please do not consider this to be a reflection on your writing, as we received almost a thousand submissions and had to make many hard decisions regarding the composition of the issue.

Thanks for thinking of us as a home for your work.

Fiction Editors The Ilanot Review

Poetry rejections



Dear —

Dear First Last,

Thank you for submitting poetry to our [Theme] issue. We appreciate the chance to read it but regret to say that, after much consideration, we must decline. Thank you for your interest in The Ilanot Review.

Jane Medved and Marcela Sulak