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"The Santa Fe Community College Literary Review is published by the School of Liberal Arts and Core Studies of Santa Fe Community College. Santa Fe Literary Review invites submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of a general literary interest as well as visual arts. FICTION: We favor short well-crafted stories that deliver a punch. POETRY: In terms of poetry, we are open to all styles."

Prose Rejections


Slightly Higher Tier

Dear "---":

The quantity and quality of submissions for this issue of the Santa Fe Review was encouraging. Unfortunately, the size of the Review is limited and we are unable to include many of the interesting pieces sent to us. We appreciate having had the chance to read your work, but regretfully will not be able to accept it for publication in this issue. We do hope you will continue to write and submit your prose, poetry and fiction for future consideration. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep up the good work and continue with your writing.

With best wishes, The Editors