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The Red Fez is an online journal and community

Poetry Rejections


Higher Tiered

Hello First Name, Thank you for sharing your poetry with Red Fez. We know that you put a lot of time and effort into your submission, so we appreciate you thinking of us. Right or wrong, we have decided against using your work in our next issue. You indicated you wanted to receive feedback on your submission. Here is the raw feedback from our editors: Some of the editors liked "A Wonderful Poem" but the consensus was that it loses focus two thirds of the way through. Having said that, we're just one publication with one opinion. In the end we can't help but publish what we like. We could be wrong about your piece and it wouldn't be the first time. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to look at this piece - we appreciate it - and wish you best of luck in finding a suitable publisher for your work. (In fact, check out our Friends of Fez page for a list of other publishers that may be interested in your work!).

We hope you'll continue to consider Red Fez in the future.