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Rejections for unspecified genre


Thank you again for submitting to The Puritan. We received a record number of submissions for this quarter; thanks for taking an interest in our online endeavor.

Although we are going to have to pass on your work this time around, we truly appreciate the opportunity to read your submission and wish you all the best in your future writing activities. We hope you can find a home for your work soon.

Yours sincerely,

The Puritan Editorial Team


Thank you again for submitting your story to The Puritan, [Issue].

As you might image, our small team of volunteer readers is forced to select an extremely small number of works from the hundreds of great submissions we receive each quarter. Submissions for our [Issue] Issue were once again excellent, and plentiful. Although we have to pass on your work for this edition, we're truly grateful that you were kind enough to send it our way.


The Puritan Editorial Staff