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Love Issue

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who submitted to our 'Love' issue. After just under 8 weeks of dedicated poem reading, submissions finally came to a close a few days ago. As always it was a fascinating process with every single poem we read helping to contribute towards our vision of the forthcoming Love issue. Contributors whose poems have made it in will have received an email from us by now so if you haven't received one, apologies we can't be more personal and thank you again for submitting to us.

It's worth noting that we don't particularly enjoy writing this little email as for many of you it will come as a rejection letter, although we're not fans of that term. 'Rejection' insinuates that your poems weren't good enough to make it in, but in the case of Popshot, it's because we can only accept 20 poems out of a potential few thousand. Each issue this means that we have to let many poems slip through our fingers that are perfectly publishable material. We feel it's worth mentioning that this doesn't mean the work is sub-standard by any stretch of the imagination and hope that you don't take it personally. Please continue to submit to Popshot in the future and help support the magazine by subscribing, buying a copy or telling your friends about it.

Keep writing, keep reading and we'll be back in contact to let you know about the launch of Issue Six - The Love Issue.