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An online journal "offering twelve poems per monthly issue".

Poetry rejections



First, thanks so much for allowing me to read these. Unfortunately, the work does not suit Plume’s needs at the moment; I wish you every success in placing these poems elsewhere. And: I do hope you continue to follow our little adventure.

Once more, much good fortune and much gratitude.



Hi, [name] – A form latter, though of course I wish it weren’t -- but, many submissions, and I the sole reader. I apologize for any delay in getting back you. Many thanks for allowing us to look at these: unfortunately, however, they are not for PLUME. Much good fortune in placing these elsewhere – and thanks, too, for thinking of us and for reading journal, which I hope you will continue to do. Please do consider submitting again after a bit.

Best --

Daniel Lawless Editor, PLUME

Attention copyeditors! "form latter"