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Fiction rejections


Dear —,

Thank you for sending your work to Parentheses Journal.

While we have decided not to go ahead with your work this time, we encourage you to submit for Issue Eight. If you do decide to submit more work to us, kindly submit only on or after October 01, 2019, when submissions for Issue Eight open. As a side note, there was much to admire in your submission, though we had to make some difficult decisions for this issue. We truly hope you submit more work in the future.

You can find the submission periods of our issue cycles on our submission page. Please do not feel disheartened as we know the love and dedication that goes into making art. We hope your work finds a suitable home and that you consider submitting new work to us in the future.

In the meantime, we request you to follow us on Twitter @ParenthesesArt and Instagram @parenthesesjournal if you use these platforms for any updates and the call for submissions. Thank you for the support and interest in our journal.

Warm Wishes,

Sneha & Harshal Editors, Parentheses Journal