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Dear [poet],

While Open Minds Quarterly must decline your submission to the Summer 2023 - Theme: Society issue of OMQ, I want to thank you for trusting us to review your work and for supporting our mission and mandate by sharing your voice with us.

I realize that this decision may come as a disappointment. To decline publication is an unhappy business for us as the great majority of the 300+ submissions we get each issue are all valuable and valid, but we do have limited publication space. Selecting the submissions we feel readers want—or sometimes need—to hear is difficult.

I encourage you to keep creating—your voice is a part of a chorus of people with mental health challenges speaking up to fight stigma and advocate for better lives. I do hope you will continue to pursue publication of your work, either in OMQ or elsewhere.

You can view the details of your submission here:

Thank you again for sharing your voice with us. Visit or follow us at,, or for news about OMQ and future calls for submissions.

With Appreciation,

Garrett Carr (They/Them)

Editor & Publisher, Open Minds Quarterly