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Thank you for considering Literary Orphans as a place for your work. Having read and discussed your piece "___" our readers regrettably do not feel this submission is right for LO at this time. I want to wish you the best of luck on placing this elsewhere. Please submit your work to us in the future, we'd like to see more from you. We never consider past submissions in our judgement.

I would also like to state the immense amount of submissions we receive. To get to the number of pieces we ultimately publish, we must read hundreds of submissions. Of these, we often find 100 or so are very, very well done. We would be proud to take any of these and publish them, yet even here, we must whittle this number to less than 40%. Please, never take rejection personally, at this level it becomes very subjective.

Thank you for your time and readership. In solidarity, Scott Waldyn Literary Orphans