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From Duotrope: "Liars' League is a monthly, themed short story reading event based in central London (UK), where the stories are written by emerging authors, performed by professional actors, and watched by a literature-loving crowd. Winning stories are read live (and recorded for later download) every second Tuesday of the month, and then published to our website."

Prose rejections


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Higher Tier

Received several days after the e-mail that announced the winning stories:

Dear Authors,

We are sorry to tell you that you were not picked for our [Theme] event this month, but this is just a quick email from us at the League to let you know that although your stories weren't selected this time, they were all good enough that at least one of our judges voted to include them (it's the stories with the most aggregate votes that win overall) - so congratulations, and please submit again!

The stories (in case you have submitted lots to lots of places) which were shortlisted this time were:

[Titles of shortlisted stories, followed by stories they would like to reconsider for upcoming events.]

If your story is not marked RECONSIDER and you would like a short paragraph of feedback on your story, please just email back and ask. This is a new approach to our feedback policy to save time and reply individually to those who want detailed feedback - we know that for some writers they just want to know that their story was in the running.


Liars' League