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"Bull City Press was born in 2006. We currently publish a small quarterly magazine, Inch, and poetry chapbooks through the Frost Place Chapbook Competition. In 2015, we launched a line of fiction and nonfiction chapbooks when we merged with Origami Zoo Press. Our executive director is Ross White and our associate editors are Brittany Cavallaro, Rebecca Hazelton, Rebecca King, Matthew Olzmann, and Noah Stetzer."

Chapbook Contest Rejection 2020


Thank you for your submission to the Bull City Press Summer 2019 Chapbook Open Reading Period. We regret to inform you that your work was not selected for publication.

We have selected Spinning the Vast Fantastic by Britton Shurley and American Cavewall Sonnets by C.T. Salazar.

We would like to express our profound thanks that so many talented writers trusted us with their work. We were impressed by the diversity of voices and the strength of many of the manuscripts. We would also like to thank you in particular for your patience as we deliberated over the 2019 Open Reading submissions. Our all-volunteer staff is committed to giving each submission the time and consideration it deserves, and that took longer than we had hoped.

We will not be holding a Chapbook Open Reading Period this summer and plan to once again open those submissions in June 2021. Look for information and announcements about that submission period as we get closer to that date.

Once again, all our thanks for trusting us with your work and for your patience. If you plan to attend the 2020 AWP Conference be sure to find us in the Bookfair at table T-2038.