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Prose rejections


2018 Thank you for your submission. We appreciate your interest in the Humber Literary Review, and are thankful for your support.

We frequently receive more work than we are able to publish, so have to reject more work than we accept. Unfortunately, we are going to decline your submission at this time.

The Humber Literary Review—one of the newest literary magazines in Canada—has a mandate to publish emerging writers. Choosing poems and prose for an upcoming issue is an intense process that involves many discussions among our editorial staff. On occasion, we have to pass on submissions that are polished and publishable because we have already received many that fit well together to make for a cohesive issue. This is the part of putting together the magazine that we dislike the most: sending out the rejection letter.

Regrettably, rejection is an integral part of every writer’s life. Trust us: as editors, as fellow writers, as human beings, we are familiar with the discomfort and distress rejection can cause.

We believe rejection to be a blip on the writing path, a paper badge of honour on the way to achieving your goals. We hope that you feel the same and will continue writing and submitting your work—to us and to others. We wish you every success in this lofty aim.

Kind regards, The editors of HLR

Higher Tier

Dear (author name), Thank you for submitting your work to us to consider for the fourth issue of the Humber Literary Review. We had a large number of submissions for our upcoming issue, and we were not able to find space for a number of strong pieces. Unfortunately, your work was one of the pieces that we were not able to include.

We hope that you will consider submitting your work to us again. With thanks, Keith - Keith Friedlander - Fiction Assistant Editor, The Humber Literary Review - Professor, Humber College

Poetry rejections


Text of Standard Rejection

Higher Tier

Text of Higher Tier Rejection