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Prose rejections



Dear —,

Thank you for making your submission to Griffith Review 65: Crimes and Punishments.

There were a lot of very difficult decisions to be made in terms of who and how much we could include in this edition, and unfortunately we were not able to include your work in this case.

I wish you well with placing your work elsewhere, and to ask you to keep us in mind for any future projects you have as we would be pleased to see any other work you would like to submit in the future.

All the best, and thank you again for your interest in Griffith Review.

Best wishes, Ashley Hay Editor, Griffith Review


Dear —

Thank you for submitting a story for consideration for publication in Griffith REVIEW: ——.

We are very limited to the number of fiction pieces we can accommodate in this edition and unfortunately we won't be able to include your story this time.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Cheers, Susan