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"Desired: sincere, well-written, imaginative, unusual and/or innovative works that make the hollow gales peel and the sleepy air cough... works which can incite surprising and unexpected feelings and thoughts. POETRY: We do not accept lined poetry. (We love prose poetry, however.) - Gone Lawn"

Prose rejections




Thanks for letting us look at "Title," but unfortunately it didn't make it into our selection. I do hope you find a good place for it, though! Best,

Owen K. Gone Lawn


[First name],

Thanks for letting us look at "[story title]." Unfortunately it didn't make it into the selection, but as always, the best,



Gone Lawn



We will not be accepting "Title" for publication in Gone Lawn. I hope you are able to find a good home for it elsewhere.

I thought the writing was funny, but this piece simply wouldn't fit in around here. Feel free to submit work to us again in the future!

All the best, Editor