Going Down Swinging

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Creative nonfiction

Standard (?)

Thanks so much for your contribution to Going Down Swinging and for being patient with our timelines. We received over 700 submissions, which was awesome. Unfortunately we have decided not to accept your work for publication. Due to the volume of applications, it’s very hard for us to give individual feedback for each submission. Please do not take our decision personally, as it may be due to a number of factors, including:

1) Our total inability to trace and fully appreciate the subtleties of your writing, due to a terminal case of thick-headedness on our part;

2) The lack of blatant references to bees in your piece(s);

3) The editors of Going Down Swinging suffering from a fear of enormous books; or

4) Something else, maybe.

Please don’t be dejected, or assume we’re rejecting your entire oeuvre, but rather take it in the spirit which it is meant (espresso martini, perhaps?) and continue to grace us with your submissions in future.

If you’re not plotting violent revenge, we hope you’ll stay involved. Our website publishes regular top-notch essays, comedy and audio/video. We also have a series of events, new releases and launches planned for later this year which are going to be something really special.

Thanks again for your interest, and for trusting us with your work. We hope this letter finds you in good cheer and good health.