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"Gargoyle magazine was founded in 1976 by Russell Cox, Richard Peabody, and Paul Pasquarella. By 1977, Peabody was the only member of the original triumvirate left. He ran the mag until 1990 with several co-editors through the years, most notably Gretchen Johnsen (1979-1986) and Peggy Pfeiffer (1988-1990). Based in the Washington, D.C., metro area, Gargoyle was dedicated to printing work by unknown poets and fiction writers, as well as seeking out the overlooked or neglected. The magazine archive is housed in the Special Collections at George Washington University's Gelman Library in DC (some back issues are still available to the public as well--read on). The mag was on something of an extended hiatus and resurfaced in 1997."

Prose Rejections

Not Sure of Tier: Sub-Standard?

Sorry, "--." Not for us.




Dear Writer:

We appreciate the opportunity to read your work, but unfortunately this submission wasn't the right fit for Gargoyle Magazine.

Thanks for trying us.


Richard & Lucinda

Higher Tier

Thank you for sending us "Title of Story".

Unfortunately your work wasn't the right fit for Gargoyle Magazine, but we were impressed. Send us something else next June.


Richard & Lucinda

Maybe Pile (2010)

Sorry "--"

We're going to say no. We had a massive MAYBE PILE of maybe 80 pieces that Lucinda or I liked and we whittled it down to about 6-7 we could agree on for the mag. Now that the basic spine of the issue is in place we're just filling the odd gap here or there. Mostly short-shorts/Flash. That's pretty much what happens in August during the process. WOuldn't mind seeing something next summer. Wish I could print everything I liked but no can do.

All Best,


Poetry Rejections



Dear First Last,

Thank you for sending us [Titles]. We appreciate the opportunity. Afraid we'll pass this time around.

Try us again in 2020.


Richard Peabody Gargoyle Magazine