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"Factor Four Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring flash fiction stories from the Speculative Fiction realm. We publish stories you can read on the go in either print, eReader, and or right here on our website. Some of our issues carry a certain theme, while others contain a random selection from the genre."

Prose rejections



I'm unsure if this is a standard or higher-tier rejection, so please edit if you can figure it out.

Dear XX:

We appreciate you taking the time to send us your story, "XX". After careful consideration we've decided to pass on this story. There are many reasons a story is not accepted, most of which are subjective in nature, so don't let our denial deter your from sending your story to other publications. We wish you the best of luck on finding a publication for this story.

Thank you,

Editorial Team Factor Four Magazine www.factorfourmag.com

Higher Tier

Text of higher tier rejection