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Audio podcast which features a new audio sci-fi story each week, usually updated on Fridays.

Prose rejections

Escape Pod revised their response system in 2019. The new system is described here.

Standard =


Dear ____________,

Thanks for sending us ____________, but I'm afraid it's not for us.

Best of luck,


Bill Peters

Assistant Editor

Escape Pod

Higher Tier

Dear __________________,

Thank you for sending "_________________" to Escape Pod. We enjoyed this story, but unfortunately, it's not quite right for us. We have to reject many good stories for a variety of reasons unrelated to their quality. We wish you the best in finding this a good home and look forward to your next submission.

Best Regards, Benjamin C. Kinney Assistant Editor, Escape Pod

Poetry rejections


Text of Standard Rejection

Higher Tier

Text of Higher Tier Rejection