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Prose Rejections


Thank you for submitting your story, "---," to Electric Literature, though it was not chosen for publication in our journal. We appreciate the opportunity to consider your work.


Editors, Electric Literature

Higher Tier

We thank you for submitting your story, "X," to Electric Literature. Unfortunately, it was not chosen for publication at this time.

We are committed to publishing short stories by both new and more established writers, and trust that you will consider sending us your best work in the future.



We admired the prose, its spareness and lovely rhythms, though it did feel as if the narrative momentum were lagging in places, while the story revolves around the one conflict whose resolution never occurs. Not that we need to see what happens, but there needs to be more foreground than only the protag's memories and anticipations. Very compelling point of view, though.

Dear Blank,

We regret to say that "Blank" was not ultimately selected for publication in Electric Literature, although it did reach the final editorial round of an extremely competitive selection process.

Thank you for submitting, Andy & Scott Editors Electric Literature