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The Comstock Review has been publishing poetry since 1986 and each year runs an annual poetry contest plus a chapbook contest.


Thank you for sending us your poems. We greatly appreciate both the effort and thought that goes into your work, and the fact that you have chosen our publication to submit to.

Do not take this rejection as a judgment on the quality of your work, but as a challenge to keep trying.

We sincerely applaud your effort, and we are in no way discouraging you from submitting to The Comstock Review. We would love to see more of your work, going forward.

Thanks again. KEEP WRITING ! Sincerely, Betsy Anderson The Comstock Review

Higher Tier


We are so sorry to be late in replying to your submission to our Open Reading period. That is only because your work came so terribly close, and was involved in the hard, final decisions.

So you can conclude that we support your writing, but that we couldn't quite get it in. Please keep it up, and send us more work soon. You never now, as they say.

Thank you for your fine work. Betsy