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"Singular, idiosyncratic, and a little mysterious, Black Clock has become one of America’s leading literary journals since its inception. Edited by Steve Erickson, Black Clock is published semi-annually by CalArts in association with the MFA Writing Program. It is highly recommended that you read an issue or two before submitting work."

Prose Rejections

Higher Tier


First, allow us to express our appreciation for your patience. We received a number of submissions in excess of our expectations, and have spent these past months reading, re-reading and evaluating the work sent to us for consideration.

Thank you so much for submitting "Title of Story" to Black Clock. It was among the finest pieces we received. And, although it did not exactly suit our needs at this time, we would like to see more of your work in the future. In fact, we will be reading manuscripts again in September of 2011, and we strongly encourage you to consider submitting new work for our consideration then.

Best of luck, and, again, thank you,

The Editors Black Clock