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Atticus Review is a daily online journal that publishes fiction, poems, and creative nonfiction, as well as graphic art, mixed media, music essays, and, on occasion, blog posts, interviews, and non-traditional book reviews.

The writing in Atticus Review is unashamed, unadorned, and unafraid. We want our contributors to dig deep into wounds to uncover words that touch the heart of the heartache — not to wallow, but rather to transcend despair through art and arrive at something hopeful. The stories we love are often lonely, and sometimes ugly, but we’re also deeply attracted to the bright, bold, and hope-infused.

We like hybrid, unconventional work that pushes boundaries, elevates and edifies on an intellectual level, that investigates the inscrutable essence of a thing, that avoids artifice to stand firmly in its unique voice. We are a platform, but not a pulpit. Moralizing is best kept at Sunday School. Judgement is best kept in court.

Prose rejections


Dear Name,

Thank you for sending us "Title." We are grateful for the opportunity to read your work. While we have decided not to publish this story, we wish you the best of luck in placing it elsewhere. Thank you for your interest in Atticus Review!

Sincerely, Michelle Ross Fiction Editor, Atticus Review

Higher Tier

Poetry rejections



Dear first-name,

Thank you for sending us your work. As writers, we understand how difficult this process is and we appreciate your submission to our journal.

Unfortunately, "[Title]" was not chosen for publication at Atticus Review. We are grateful for the opportunity to read your work and wish you the best of luck in your continued writing.

Sincerely, The Editors Atticus Review

Higher Tier