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"Annalemma Magazine is a literary and arts journal printed biannually and updated weekly online. Founded in 2007 with the expressed mission of engaging as many people as possible in the life-changing experience of telling good stories, Annalemma’s print issues are a lavish celebration of colorful artwork and photography that accompany short stories and essays from writers of all ages, nationalities, disciplines and echelons of the publishing world.e"

Prose rejections


Annalemma seems to pride itself on sending personal rejections. Current (6/29/11) duotrope stats show 91% personal/3% form/6% unspecified. That said, the two "personal" rejections I've received, while very kind and respectful, have reminded me of horoscopes--generic advice that could apply to almost any story, e.g.

Some good characters, clear images and some really cognitive thoughts being presented.


I suggest coming at this story from another characters perspective, maybe from a character who's got something to gain or lose, someone who's making something happen.

--without any details specifically identifying the story submitted (other than the title in the opening sentence). Anyone else want to weigh in here? I love this mag, but find myself more hesitant to continue to submitting to them than to mags that just keep throwing me forms.