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We have to apologize for letting so much time pass between your submission and this response. We did try cooking up a lot of extravagant excuses, but the truth is much more prosaic and has nothing to do with the Mossad. We got so wrapped up in book publishing that we wound up neglecting everything else, including pets, relationships, and The Ampersand Review.

We must also apologize for making this long-awaited note nothing more than a rejection. Bear in mind that this has no bearing on the quality of your work, and nothing to do with the fact that your beer attachment didn't come through. Instead of reading unsolicited submissions, the next poetry editor has decided to honour the Great God Nepot and collect our poetry by solicitation.

You might have a go, though, at a contest we’re sponsoring. Only a week or so left before the deadline, but the prize package is pretty awesome, and the organization putting it on is unconventional to say the least.

Sorry again about the wait.

Cook Editor Ampersand Books