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Dear [Submitter],

We're sorry this isn't better news, but unfortunately we weren't able to find a place for "[Title]" in this issue of Alien Magazine. Sadly, we can only publish a fraction of the submissions we receive and have to let a lot of great stuff go.

However, we did want to thank you again for thinking of us when submitting.

All the best, The Editors Alien Magazine

Higher Tier

Dear [Submitter],

Thank you for submitting "[Title]" for review. Unfortunately, we don't feel it is right for our publication at this time, but we did want you to know we were impressed by your writing.

Though we weren't able to publish your work this time, we sincerely hope you consider submitting to Alien Magazine again in the future. We can't thank you enough for letting us read your work.

Keep in touch, Matthew Hawkins & Kala Wahl Editors-in-Chief Alien Magazine