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32 Poems is a semiannual poetry magazine published in April and November. Each issue of this 8" x 5.5" semiannual journal contains 32 poems so you can give intimate, unhurried attention to each. And each issue is easy to carry and inviting to read. The editors of 32 Poems feel that a poem’s publication should not begin its disappearance; it is their mission to promote the work of contributing poets by placing 32 Poems with editors, nominating writers for recognition and prizes, and commending work to widely read online poetry sources. We hope that the comfortable size of 32 Poems and the superb quality of the work therein will furnish an alternative to larger collections and prove attractive to new readers of contemporary poetry.

Poetry rejections


2018 / 2020

Dear [name],

Thank you for your interest in 32 Poems. We didn't find a poem in this group that fits just right for our upcoming issues, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to consider your submission.

Our best to you and your work.

Sincerely, 32 Poems

Higher Tier

Dear [Author],

Thank you for your recent submission to 32 Poems. We really enjoyed [the poems] ([specific poem] was my personal favorite), but this time around there isn't one that fits just right. We want to let you know though, how grateful we are for the opportunity to consider these pieces. It’s a mixed blessing that we receive so many superior poems. We sometimes have to turn away work that we consider exceptionally strong. I hope you'll try us again soon.

Thanks again,