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Poetry rejections



Dear —,

Thank you for sharing your poetry with The Stinging Fly. We weren't able to find a home for your work in the magazine, but appreciate the opportunity to consider it and wish you all good things with your writing.

Very best wishes,

The Stinging Fly



Dear first-name,

Thank you for submitting your work to The Stinging Fly. We received an enormous number of submissions and the task of selecting work for Issue N has truly been hard work.

We valued the opportunity to engage with your work. Unfortunately, however, on this occasion your submission has not been selected for publication.

We are always keen to publish new voices so we do encourage you to keep writing and submitting. We hope you will consider submitting more work to us again in the future.

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Thank you!

Very best wishes

Sara O'Rourke The Stinging Fly


Dear first-name,

Thank you for sharing your work with The Stinging Fly.

Unfortunately we weren't able to find a home for your work in the magazine, even though your work shows clear quality and potential.

We hope to have the opportunity to read your poetry again in the future.

Best wishes,

The Stinging Fly

Fiction Rejection


Dear (First Name),

Thank you for submitting your work for consideration to us here at The Stinging Fly, and for your patience as we made our way through over 1600 short story submissions. I'm sorry to say it has not been selected for publication in our Summer 2023 issue.

I hope this isn't discouraging. While your work hasn't been selected on this occasion, it shows real potential. It's a joy to come across something so assured from a newer writer, and we're excited to see what comes next for you.

So given the calibre of the submission I'd love to read more of your work, and hope you'll submit again next time.

With best wishes,

Lisa McInerney


The Stinging Fly