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"OUR MISSION: We are looking for writing and visual art that addresses issues of significance to women's lives and movements for women's equality. We are also interested in pieces that explore issues of race, class, and sexuality in relation to gender. We value work of diverse form, content, and perspective."

Prose Rejections



While we are not accepting your work at this time, thank you for sharing your poetry with So to Speak.

Every time we sit down to make decisions for the next issue, over and over we are reminded of our feminist colleagues and of the courage it takes to write poetry like yours. Your dedication to feminism inspires us to continue our mission here at So To Speak. We are grateful to you. Please do reconsider us as a possible home for your work in the future.

All best, Danielle Badra, Poetry Editor Ben Brezner, Assistant Poetry Editor



Dear Name:

Thank you for submitting "Title" to So to Speak. We appreciate your interest in our publication.

We have given your manuscript careful consideration and unfortunately, it is not right for us at this time. We wish you continued luck in your writing and hope you’ll consider submitting in the future.


Atossa Shafaie, Fiction Editor Dan Hong, Assistant Fiction Editor