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"Founded in 2007 by the graduate students in the Creative Writing Program at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Grist: The Journal for Writers seeks to present a new kind of literary journal. Grist is currently published once a year. Each issue will feature two hundred pages of quality stories and poems, as well as interviews with writers and creative nonfiction devoted to discussions of craft. Each issue also includes a Special Genre section in which we feature a specific literary genre or craft focus. At this time we do not publish literary criticism or book reviews."

Prose Rejections



Thank you for sending your manuscript to us at Grist via the online submission manager.

After careful consideration, we regret that this submission does not meet the editorial needs of the journal at this time. We do hope you will send to us again in the future as we could not publish Grist without the many quality submissions we receive.

Although we would like to send an individual response to everyone, the number of manuscripts we receive makes it difficult for editors to respond personally to each submission. Please know that we are devoted to giving each submission to Grist at least three reads and an editor personally reads each submission. We do appreciate your interest in Grist, and the opportunity to consider your work.

Thank your for supporting our journal with your writing, reading, and subscribing.



After a couple careful readings, I've found this essay does not meet the needs of the journal at this time; I wish you every success in placing your work elsewhere. I'm grateful for the opportunity to consider your work and hope you keep submitting to Grist.