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Standard Rejection


Thanks so much for sending us your poems, which we really enjoyed reading.

We received around 1500 poems to read and with only 14 spaces in each issue, that means we always have some difficult decisions to make.

Unfortunately, your poems didn't make it this round but we do appreciate you sending them our way. If you're looking to submit them somewhere else, we can recommend Impossible Archetype and The Winnow, both of which are currently open and focus on LGBTQ+ poetry. Our submission window is rolling and you are, of course, welcome to submit again.

I know how rubbish it feels to be rejected, but please try not to take it personally. Many of the poets chosen for the next issue have submitted multiple times before getting in.

As a thank you for trusting us with your work, there's a 20% discount on everything in our store. Just use the code THANKS20 at the checkout.

Best wishes Editor

Longlist Rejection


Thanks again for sending us your poems, which we really enjoyed reading.

Having only fourteen spaces in each issue means we're really limited in what poems we can take. On this occasion, I'm afraid we are unable to take your work but I did want to let you know that "xyz" did make our initial longlist from all of the poems submitted.

You're welcome to re-submit again for the next issue, either from this packet or new poems. Our submissions window is rolling, but the next deadline is January 13th.

In the meantime, I can recommend our friends at Impossible Archetype, Just Femme and Dandy Mag, and Ergi Press who are all currently open for submissions from queer writers.

I'm always so thankful that people trust us with their poems - and I'm aware that getting rejections sucks. To soften the blow, there's a 20% discount available on our website, across all our books. Just head to fourteenpoems.com/shop and use the discount code THANKS20 at the checkout.

Thanks again and I hope to read more of your work in the future.