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Dear [Name],

Thank you for sending us [X]. We've read your work carefully but are going to pass at this time. Although we are not accepting your work, we wish you luck in placing it elsewhere.

Thank you for your support of Third Point Press.

Sincerely, Meghan Phillips Third Point Press

Higher Tier

Fiction Rejections


Dear —,

Thank you for sending us "—" and for your interest in Third Point Press. Though we're going to pass on this story, we hope that it finds a good home.

We know submitting can feel frustrating and lonely and then frustrating again. All of us on the fiction team regularly send out our writing and regularly receive rejections. We know how impersonal the whole process can feel and wish we were able to send a response tailored to every submission.

We truly appreciate your support of Third Point Press. Keep reading, keep writing, keep trying. We're rooting for you.

Matthew Mastricova Fiction Editor