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Prose rejections


Dear [name], Thank you for sending us "xxx". We appreciate the chance to read it. Unfortunately, the piece is not for us. Thanks again. Best of luck with this. Sincerely, Passages North

High Tier

Dear (Name), We have read your submission with interest. Although we will not be able to publish (Title), we would certainly like to see more of your work. Thank you, The Editors

Dear (Name), Thank you for the opportunity to read "Title." Though we are not able to accept your Fiction Submissions piece at this time, we were interested and request that you send us more of your work in the future. Best of luck with this piece, Passages North

Dear (Name), Thank you for sending "Titles". Though we are not able to publish your work at this time, we were truly interested in what we read. We would appreciate seeing more of your work. We are officially closed for this reading period, but please think of us again when we open again in Autumn. For future updates, please go to, or add us on Facebook and / or follow us on Twitter. Best wishes, Passages North

Higher Tier

Dear (Name), Thank you for sending us (Title). I, and other fiction editors, have carefully read through your submission, and we regret to inform you this piece does not meet our current needs. We, however, did respond positively to many elements in your writing, and I hope you think of us again in the future. We appreciate your interest in our journal and hope you have luck placing your work elsewhere. Thanks again, (Name) Fiction Editor Passages North

Poetry rejections


Dear ---, We regret to inform you that your submission hasn't been selected for publication. While this work isn't a fit for us, as fellow writers, we share in the rigors of the submission process and wish you the best placing "---" elsewhere. Thanks again. Sincerely, Passages North

Higher Tier

Text of Higher Tier Rejection
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