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"Birkensnake is an irregularly-published imperfectly-bound collection of fiction. Fiction! Paper! Staples! It is exactly what you want in your lifeboat. We are looking for narrative and quasi-narrative work that creates its own logic."

Prose Rejections


Thanks for submitting "Title," but we won't be taking it for Birkensnake. That doesn't mean it's a bad story, or that we didn't like it; we get a lot of stories that we do like but that aren't quite right for us. Best of luck with this one. Regards, J. Ruocco & B. Conn Birkensnake

Higher Tier

Hi Name, We're going to pass on "Title," but we were interested; we hope you'll keep them coming, and we thank you for your patience. Cheers, J. Ruocco & B. Conn Birkensnake
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