Beloit Poetry Journal

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Poetry rejections


Thank you for submiting your work to the BPJ. We've decided against holding it for our second round of deliberations, but we're grateful for having had the chance to consider it.


We shall not be using your manuscript. Thank you, however, for giving us the opportunity to consider it.

Sincerely, [Editor]

Higher Tier

Dear _____--

Thank you for submitting your work to the BPJ. Though we did not ultimately select it for publication, we read it with genuine interest and hope you'll continue sending poems our way.

Sincerely, Rachel Contreni Flynn, co-editor Beloit Poetry Journal

Dear [name],

Thank you for your submission to the BPJ. Though we haven't selected any poem in your manuscript for publication, we appreciate your work and hope you will keep sending poems our way. We were particularly engaged by "[title]." Please do try us again. Warm regards, [Co-editor]