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Poetry rejections

Higher Tier

Thank you for sending us "Five Poems". We really enjoyed this piece, but we didn't feel it was right for Bateau Press.

We hope that you will continue to send us your work.


The Editors of Bateau Press

Fiction rejections

Higher tier (?)

Dearest Writer

Thank you for submitting your work to Bateau Literary Magazine. We received a ton of really wonderful, really odd, really strong, and just plain bizarre work. We loved it and loved you for thinking of us.

Unfortunately, your work did not fit into Bateau 6.1. Please think about submitting again for the literary magazine (open for submissions January 15, 2017) and / or submitting your work to our BOOM Chapbook Competition (opening August 15, 2016).

Again, thanks for trusting us with your work.


Dan Mahoney, Editor in Chief.